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Relationship Report
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Relationships ( Compatibility ) Horoscope

The Relationship Report allows you to take a fascinating new look at your compatibility with another person, from the perspective of friends or lovers!

Created exclusively for you both, it is a counseling astrologer's guided tour of your relationship. This report calculates both your personal horoscopes, compares them in detail, and creates an in-depth profile of what's happening between you astrologically. Find out just how strong your relationship can be!

Each report consists of four parts, looking at the relationship from both persons' perspective.

First it explores how you approach relationships in general. Do you have an easy time becoming close to someone? What are the traits that will influence all your relationships - from childhood friends to business associates? The clues are all hidden in your birthchart. This report finds and interprets them in the first portion of each profile.
Second, how are these same questions answered in the other person's chart? What do they bring to each relationship that helps or hinders?
Next, how do you relate to this person in particular? How do your two charts intertwine to create the feelings you're experiencing? What are the strengths and challenges in your relationship?
Finally the last part looks at how your partner relates to you. How will you two get along? What role does each play here?

The answers are fascinating - you will be amazed at just how accurate and revealing your Relationship Report is! It also makes a great gift to give a special friend...

Each Relationship Report will include free of charge a beautiful full colour combined Natal Birthwheel. This is a visual representation showing the exact positions of the planets at the time you were both born, the information on which the report is based. Click here to see an example.

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