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Your Baby's Horoscope
Your Baby's Horoscope

Astrology is based on the ancient philosophy that the forces aligning the heavens also affect our lives. People generally think that astrology refers to the twelve signs of the zodiac - your "star sign" being the sign of the zodiac that corresponds to the position of the sun when you were born, e.g., Virgo, Aries, Leo, etc.

This is the type of horoscope that millions of people read every day in newspapers and magazines - a general interpretation based solely on their "sun sign".

But relying on the sun sign alone is a very crude measure. Have you ever wondered how many other people are reading exactly the same interpretation as you? Is it possible that all these people will have exactly the same sort of day as you?

Although they can be amusing, it is implausible that the same things are going to happen to everyone with the same sun sign. These general interpretations should therefore not be taken too seriously. However, if the date, time and place of birth are known then a much more personal horoscope can be created that interprets the positions of all the planets at the moment of your birth, and the aspects or angles between them.

This gives insight into an individual's character, strengths, weaknesses and potential. It also allows the all-important "Rising Sign" to be calculated which reveals much about the influences of the planets to specific areas of life. Just like fingerprints, your personal horoscope is a unique map of the planetary positions at the time, date and place of your birth. No two horoscopes will ever be the same.

Using the latest computer technology JustHoroscopes.com are able to create your highly personal horoscope, individually for you. Based on your birth details we will calculate your unique astrological map and provide a detailed interpretation focusing on the areas you request. Run your cursor over the wide range of horoscopes we offer for a brief explanation and click on them for detailed information.

Remember, your horoscope can help you gain a more enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling life whether it be in the area of relationships, career or location, or whether you choose a personal horoscope for yourself or your child, or your individual daily horoscope or birthday report.

So go ahead, explore this site and Reveal Your True Self

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